Child Assessment and Diagnostic Report Writing

Speech and Language Therapy assessments are holistic, dynamic, and comprehensive. They are rooted in collaborative practice with the child’s family in order to responsively attend to strengths and challenges shared by parents, educators, and other meaningful members of the child’s world.

Younger Children: Infant - 5 Years Old

Assessment is play-based and takes place in an environment that parents and the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) determine will support the child’s comfort, such as at the parent’s home. Assessment include:

  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Teacher Questionnaire, if applicable
  • Parent Interview
  • Formal Testing
  • Language Sample
  • Observations of Parent-Child Interactions
  • Optional - a video analysis of child’s skills in other natural environments (school, playground, dinner table).

Older Children: 5 Years old - High School

Assessments occur in a formal therapy setting and start with a language-based interview guided by the child’s interests. Assessments are minimally 2 hours and sometimes multiple sessions are required to accurately assess all areas of identified need. Assessment may include all or some of the following:

  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Parent Interview
  • Teacher Questionnaire and/or present levels of performance
  • Observation and analysis of student work samples
  • Standardized Testing
  • Speech and/or Language Sample
  • Oral Motor Examination (if applicable)
  • Behavioral Observations

Individual Therapy

An initial 15 minute complimentary phone consultation determines if therapy is warranted at this time, and if so, an appointment can be scheduled.

Rebecca provides therapy to support children with:

  • Producing their speech sounds
  • Increasing their oral language by improving vocabulary, sentence structure, and storytelling
  • Improving their understanding of language through following directions and comprehension of stories
  • Supporting their pro-social engagement with friends, family members, and teachers through gaining social awareness and social problem-solving

An intake session includes the initial visit to the home or school for an informal assessment of your child’s speech and language skills to determine treatment.

I send weekly updates via e-mail, to provide parents with a description of the therapy session and “How to Help at Home” tips.

Family Support

An initial 15 minute complimentary phone consultation determines whether Rebecca is the most appropriate match for your family’s needs. Rebecca has expertise in the following areas:

  • Selecting and coordinating the most effective interventions for your child
  • School placement and selection
  • Coaching to school teams to support development of accommodations and modifications
  • Implementing positive behavior systems
  • Creating routines that support harmony in the home
  • Effective communication around setting limits and guidelines
  • Implementing natural consequences with clarity and compassion

Educational Consultation

Rebecca provides coaching to school teams on:

  • Strategies for Inclusion, Social Skills, and Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Building trusting and supportive relationships between parents and school teams
  • Social-Emotional Learning to support students with disabilities being integrated and meaningfully included in the classroom and beyond
  • Creating a bullying-free, kindness-oriented culture through arts-based campaigns and deep discussion on radical belonging

Payment Policy

Clients are invoiced monthly and payment is expected promptly via personal check or Venmo.  I do not accept insurance plans, however a super bill can be provided for you to submit to your insurance after full payment for services has been received and processed.

Cancellation Policy

I request a 24 hour notice of cancellation for scheduled appointments. If no notice is given, the full fee is charged.

For rates and more information, please contact Rebecca.


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