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Rebecca Prather an insightful, impactful, and imaginative leader. Her mission is to leverage the power of creativity to build inclusive spaces that are based on people authentically seeing, hearing, and valuing each other’s histories and contributions. Through engaging individual and collective imagination, she draws communities into practices of genuine, radical belonging.

Rebecca is an Educational Administrator, Equity Facilitator, Speech & Language Therapist, Arts Educator and Advocate, and Professional Development Leader. She has led equity workshops and consulting for access and inclusion for organizations and education for over 20 years.

Rebecca is a powerful public speaker, a profound workshop facilitator, and a playful educator of children and adults. She is remarkably skilled in surfacing the collective story through utilizing arts-based thinking that - when told, heard, and genuinely experienced - transforms organizational relationships. She designs environments that builds trust and co-creates spaces that centers culturally responsive practices. Through collective storytelling, art-making, and discussion, Rebecca pulls a golden thread through multiple perspectives and positions to reveal the numerous ways that courageous and compassionate communities are created through vulnerability, authenticity, and bravery.

Rebecca is a maven of metaphor. She is a passionate dancer, writer, creator, and mother. She writes poetry and creative memoir pieces before dawn, dances with her son under redwood trees, and gazes with luscious longing at the mystery and magnificence of the ocean. 

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